Intentions Review for April 2023

My Star Word for this year is REJOICING.

I’ve been struggling with setting some intentions this year. After my heart attack on December 21, 2022, I realized that I really don’t know what I want for this year, or even for the rest of my life. At age 78-and-a-half, I could have another 20 years left, or I could easily not even have another year.

I’m tired of the pandemic, I’m tired of politics, I’m tired of pushing myself to DO SOMETHING. I’m ready to just let life happen and observe for a while. I’ll keep on writing my “5 Things”, and I’ll stick with my regular groups and activities, but I’m ready to find out why I’m REJOICING. Maybe I’ll try just REJOICING about my regular, ordinary life.

Therefore, I’m leaving the same general categories that I had last year, and I’ll use them as a wish list and fill in markers for a “diary” of events and activities.

Health and Fitness

  1. Recovery – I’m feeling fine after my heart attack.
    • I had a blood test in late February and my cholesterol numbers were exactly where they should have been all along.
    • I went to Cardiac Rehab early in March, and the nurse agreed that my personal trainer can do everything they would do, so I should keep on working with him. If I ever want to go to Cardiac Rehab my referral is good for a year.
  2. Exercise
    • I continue to work with my personal trainer on balance and strength.
    • I try to spend 55-60 minutes a day, five to six days a week on the NuStep.
  3. Diet – I’m trying to be much more proactive about the kinds of things I eat.
    • The dietitian who counseled me, said the same things the dietitian said when I lost the 70 lbs back in 2014. It was good to have a reminder.
    • Three fruits and two vegetables every day – limit red meat – eat more fish
    • Weight
      • I was keeping steady on the .9 lbs a month loss from last year until the latter half February. Living in temporary housing, and not being able to cook made March a total loss. In fact I gained a pound.
      • I was back on the weight loss wagon in April and finished the month .4 pounds lighter than I started March.
      • It’s an average of .8 lbs a month I’ve lost since May of 2022.

Friends and Community

  1. Gazebo Group – We meet regularly once a week
  2. Greisser Girls Gab – This is sacrosanct time for me
  3. Other Residents at Franke Tobey Jones
    • Lunch with Jett Brooks
    • There’s a new resident in the Duplexes that I haven’t met yet
    • With better weather and the relaxing of pandemic restrictions, other folks in the Gazebo Group have been traveling. I’ve vicariously taken a cruise to Egypt, and enjoyed a bicycle tour of the Low Countries in Europe. Maybe one day…

Learning and Knowledge

  1. Great Decisions
    • January – we met and got our assignments for leading the discussions
    • February – Energy Security – There wasn’t much I didn’t know already, but it was nice to have a conversation about it.
    • March – War Crimes – We basically agreed that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are war crimes, and shortly before our meeting Putin was invited to explain himself at The Hague.
    • April – China and the U.S. – We are fortunate to have an ex-State Department employee who lives here. He was able to give us first-hand insight into our relations with China during the early part of this century.
  2. Creative Writing Classes – I’m signed up for a course in Journaling in May.

Travel and Culture

  1. Visit Harriet (upstate New York) and/or Betty (Texarkana)
  2. Visit Kennewick and Bill’s Family
  3. Visit Chicago and Ray’s Family
  4. Visit Victoria, Canada

Hobbies and Creativity

  1. Reading
    • This Body of Death by Elizabeth George – finished
    • Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver – finished
    • A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean – finished
    • Raven Black (Shetland Island #1) – Ann Cleeves – reading
  2. Writing
    • I am still writing, but more sporadically.
  3. Blogging – 5 Things that Made Me Happy Today continues daily
  4. Memoir – I’ve signed up for a course on Journaling beginning in May


  1. Bible Study – I attend regularly on Tuesday mornings – We are in the season of Easter
  2. Bethany Presbyterian Church – I attend via You-Tube every Sunday
  3. PCUSA Nominating Committee – No meetings scheduled

Money and Finances

  1. Quit obsessing
    • I finished the 2022 taxes and sent the return off in early February
    • I planned very well last year, and owed $3.00 that was deducted from our bank account on April 18.
    • I need to look at increasing the amount I send to the IRS a little bit.
  2. Keep Al informed – I try to let Al know where we stand.
    • Al may be eligible for the PACT Act. If so, it will increase his VA check to up to 100% disability.

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