Throw-back Thursday

Boxes in the Kitchen

Three years ago we rolled into Tacoma, and began our new life at Franke Tobey Jones. The days of wall to wall boxes and falling over each other in the one-bedroom apartment have been over for long enough that they are barely a distant memory. This was a wonderful decision we made six years ago, and all the angst of selling and not selling the house, and travel, and packing, unpacking, etc. were well worth it.











Throw-back Thursday


In keeping with the theme of last week, here I am with one foot in Alabama and one foot in Tennessee, on the Natchez Trace, as we were traveling from Dallas to Tacoma. (I know, you’re thinking how on earth is the Natchez Trace on the way from Dallas to Tacoma? Just believe me. We took a few detours to see family along the way, like Chicago, Nashville, Metarie, LA, etc., before we really got started.)









One Year Ago Today

This is the anniversary of the day we finally closed on the house in Dallas and began the adventure to the rest of our lives.

10514 Pagewood - Copy

We started out the next morning driving to Texarkana where we had a short visit with my sister and her family.


Then we took the train to Chicago and met my future daughter-in-law and step-grandchild (that’s my #1 son in the picture, too).


Then back to Texarkana, and some time spent checking out the cemetery, Old Washington, and Hope, AR – all important for my genealogy interests. The obligatory “State Line” photo in front of the Texarkana, USA, Post Office.


And of course a trip to Bryce’s Cafeteria (where I met LeMichael James’ aunt).


Next it was a visit to Burns, TN, to see my cousin and spend a couple of days with her.


Then we drove down the Natchez Trace…


…on our way to see #2 son and his family in South Louisiana.


Then began our trek across the country. I declared I didn’t want to mess with Interstate Highway travel, so we kept to the regular US highways as much as possible.  This is a stretch of the old Route 66 that’s still there in Western Oklahoma (or maybe the Texas panhandle).


While we were in Amarillo, we got a chance to visit Palo Duro Canyon, and really enjoyed our time there, particularly since it was a little rainy and not too hot.


Unfortunately, we still had to ride on the Interstate in some places, like here in New Mexico.


We took a couple of days and drove up to Santa Fe and Taos.


Then due south through New Mexico and turned west again on I-10. We got to see White Sands.


And then into Arizona where we took a detour to see an old trading post and Indian war Fort.


A couple of days in Tucson, and then north through Phoenix and into Flagstaff where we finally got to see some trees again.


Then the Grand Canyon


Bryce Canyon National Park


and Zion National Park


North through Utah, and into Idaho where we saw Craters of the Moon National Park.


And on to Spokane where my father was born. We found one of the houses he lived in as a child.


Then across the great state of Washington, including the Columbia River Gorge.


and in to Tacoma, and Franke Tobey Jones.

Picture 091

Thus endeth our trek from Dallas to Tacoma.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to review a few of the highlights of our year here.

Just a few little things left…

…to do. The fellow was here today to run the Cat 5 wire into the living room so we can watch Netflix on the big TV.


All that’s really left now is to get the pictures hung and we should be ready for whatever comes our way. Of course, we still have to buy a couch, a couple of end tables, a sofa table that pulls out to seat four as a dining table, but that will come later (when the pocketbook recovers from the movers and all the “hooking up”).

There are still several things that haven’t turned up since the move(s), but there are a couple of boxes in the garage that I’m not sure what’s in them. Once I get that sorted out, I’ll be putting some pictures of this place up.