Covenent – #rethinkchurch

(Once again I’m following ReThinkChurch’s prompts for a photo-a-day during Lent.)


The Presbytery of Olympia, like many other presbyteries around the country, has seen a sharp drop in membership and congregations in the past three years. We believe it is time to stop focusing on our losses and begin to recognize the wonderful potential we have. No more thinking in terms of scarcity – it’s time to start thinking about the abundance of gifts and love we have available from God. The Presbytery is asking the remaining congregations to covenant with each other to remain in fellowship for the next three years. We have a window of time to refocus and redirect our spiritual gifts, our relationships, our energy and financial resources towards a new future. It’s time to move forward together, to forget past hurts and past slights, and covenant to love each other and the world.