Flora and Fauna Friday

(…only it’s not Friday any more – it’s Saturday.)

IMG_0674The garden is running riot! Hot days and sunshine have made for a bumper early crop.


Tomatoes are ripening,


Green peppers are swelling,


And the squash are taking over the joint. (Please notice that I whacked off some of the squash leaves because they were threatening the cucumbers and tomatoes. If it kills them, too bad, but I’m afraid they are like the zombies that will come back from beyond.)

Flora and Fauna Friday


It’s cold, dark, and dreary now in January, here in the Pacific Northwest (but not as cold as most of the rest of the country). The birds need extra food these days. They go through the seeds almost quicker than I can put it out, and they can destroy two cakes of suet in less than a week. The deer have been more in evidence lately –┬áprobably because they are running out of forage in the forest. I’m beginning to dream of daffodils (or I would be if I could ever get my bulbs in the ground), and fresh tomatoes, and berries from the farmer’s market. Only two more months for the daffodils, and four more months for the tomatoes.