Grandparents and Children

Do you feel you’re like any of your grandparents? In what ways? – I’m a lot like both of my grandmothers. “They” say I look very much like Papa’s mother, and I love to cook and sew like Mama’s mother.

That’s me in the middle with Papa’s mother on my right, and Mama’s mother on my left.

I’m also like Mama’s father, in that he was a banker and I’m an accountant.

Doesn’t he look like a banker/accountant?

How are your children like you? Unlike you? – Ray and Bill are both like me with their memory. They can remember as much as I can – and that’s a lot. Ray also has a tendency to overweight like I do, and Bill is slim and svelte.

They’re both good boys, and always helpful and kind. Whether that’s like me or not, I don’t like to say, but I appreciate the way they’ve grown up.