Throw-back Thursday

Boxes in the Kitchen

Three years ago we rolled into Tacoma, and began our new life at Franke Tobey Jones. The days of wall to wall boxes and falling over each other in the one-bedroom apartment have been over for long enough that they are barely a distant memory. This was a wonderful decision we made six years ago, and all the angst of selling and not selling the house, and travel, and packing, unpacking, etc. were well worth it.











I Think We’re As Ready As We’re Going to Be

Tomorrow, I strip the beds, gather the towels, disconnect the computers, empty the refrigerator and freezer, swallow a cup of tea, and we’re ready for the movers to come! Big Al has done yeoman’s duty packing boxes!

The birds are going to have to get over themselves when I move the feeder. They’ve been stomping around the patio all afternoon, since Al emptied the bird bath.


It’s been foggy and cloudy for over a week now – no rain – but tomorrow the rain is supposed to roll in. Oh, well, we need it. We’re working on the longest dry spell in January on record (record is 14 days and we’ve gone 12 since it last rained). At least they will be able to back the truck up to the garage to unload. It’s just getting the stuff from the apartment to the truck that we have to worry about.

I probably won’t be blogging much until I get the internet hooked back up. I called, but the woman who is supposed to set up the appointments hasn’t called back yet. I’ll try again tomorrow. At least we have iPads that can hook up to the cloud, so we won’t be totally bereft of our connections.

See you on the other side!

Eight Days and a Wake-Up

That’s how long it will be until we move to the duplex. Do you think I’m excited? Huh?

At last I’ll be able to go to the kitchen without disturbing Big Al at his desk!

We’ll be able to do all the wash in three loads once a week, instead of four loads every five days.

We’ll have a usable fireplace and be able to have a nice fire while we’re watching TV in the evening.

We’ll be able to adjust our thermostat by ourselves, instead of jumping through hoops to get maintenance to adjust it for us.

We’ll both be able to sit at the kitchen table at the same time.

I’ll be able to set up the card table and sort the taxes without having to take it down every day.

But enough about the move…

We were interviewed this morning for an article about us in the church newsletter. We probably talked the lady’s ear off, but she seemed to get the general jist of our life. I’m going to try to take a class, starting tomorrow, about writing your life story. I know I did a lot on the blog a couple of summers ago, and I have some other stuff on the genealogy, but I would like to consolidate it all and get it in some kind of decent order. I don’t really think anybody but the kids will be interested in reading it, but future generations will probably appreciate it. I treasure a “family history” started by William Eakin in the 1840s and added to by John Rodgers Eakin in the 1870s, that was added to again by Aunt Mary (Eakin) Dawson before being given to me and my siblings and cousins in the 1960s.

I didn’t get up to the Wellness Center again today, and tonight I’m going to the Interfaith Bible discussion group. I think we’re meeting at the Synagogue tonight. It’s an interesting group of people. I wish we had some Muslims who would attend. I miss the Turks and their thoughtful analysis of the scriptures.

I will definitely get to exercise tomorrow at Tai Chi!

On the downward slide

We’re on the downward slide. All the paperwork has been done for the move. I’ve changed addresses everywhere, transferred my household goods insurance effective 18 May, transferred my car insurance effective 1 July. The utilities will be cut off on the 18th, except the phone and the cable which are departing on Monday. After today, my posts on the blog and Facebook and Twitter will be strictly iPad/iPhone generated.

#1 son, Bill, is in town with the kids, to take the computers apart and label all the wires so we can hook up again when we get to Tacoma. Al’s computer will be going with us in the car (since he has a laptop), and we’re taking the Home Server in the car because EVERYTHING is backed up on it back to the dark ages of our original Windows 3.1 network. We’ll be saving our iPads to the cloud on the road, so hopefully our pictures of our travels will be safe. It will take me a couple of weeks, probably, to sort them out and get them organized in the Windows Live Photo Gallery once we get settled in Tacoma.

Today, we should finish up packing the kitchen boxes, and we’re already mostly finished with the offices. I’ve got 95% of my clothes sorted and packed, and most of the linens are in the cedar chest. The rest of them will fit in there after they get washed. Monday we get new tires on the car and get it checked for road-worthiness. We also will have to unplug and clean out the refrigerator and washing machine and dryer. We’re already eating out, except for ice chest type lunch/snack stuff. Sandwiches for 5 of us at noon today should do away with the remaining lunch meat and cheese.

I’m taking a couple of hours this morning to go to a called Presbytery meeting to decide on the disposition of one of the churches in the presbytery that is coming apart over 10-a, and all that associated fall-out. What is really sad is that the church itself is split, so the presbytery has had to go in and dissolve the session.  I weep for all of them, no matter which side, because ultimately, the whole body of Christ loses in these situations.

On that cheery note, I’ll return you to your previously scheduled Saturday activities, and I’ll get back to my rat killing.