Still Packing

The kitchen is almost done. The bathroom is finished. The laundry room is done. We don’t have to pack hanging clothes or books, or electronics (they get moved on special stands/cabinets/wardrobes. Also, clothes get to stay in dresser drawers and the cedar chest goes as it is. Also, the movers will pack the lamps.

I think we’re going to get it done by Wednesday!

Big Al is doing the lion’s share of the work because he doesn’t approve of my spacial abilities (I don’t fold and fit stuff in like he likes…) I’m glad he doesn’t mind doing this.

I’m filing and sorting all the pieces of paper that have taken up residence on my desk. I do almost everything electronically. Where does it all come from?

The packing has begun…

Big Al and I managed to get four boxes packed and taped and taken down to the storage room. Extra cups, linen, the booze (most of it) and some of the CDs are down there.

I don’t know where my life/time goes, but it seems like all I did today was wash and dry the sheets, go to my Tai Chi class, go to lunch and trundle the boxes to the storage area.

And here it is, after 5 p.m., and it’s dark, and I’m ready to quit for the day.



I did get a chance to visit with my sister on the phone for a little while at noon, and that was nice.

These winter days that get dark early make me want to crawl into my cave like an old bear – although I can tell the days are gradually getting longer!

On the downward slide

We’re on the downward slide. All the paperwork has been done for the move. I’ve changed addresses everywhere, transferred my household goods insurance effective 18 May, transferred my car insurance effective 1 July. The utilities will be cut off on the 18th, except the phone and the cable which are departing on Monday. After today, my posts on the blog and Facebook and Twitter will be strictly iPad/iPhone generated.

#1 son, Bill, is in town with the kids, to take the computers apart and label all the wires so we can hook up again when we get to Tacoma. Al’s computer will be going with us in the car (since he has a laptop), and we’re taking the Home Server in the car because EVERYTHING is backed up on it back to the dark ages of our original Windows 3.1 network. We’ll be saving our iPads to the cloud on the road, so hopefully our pictures of our travels will be safe. It will take me a couple of weeks, probably, to sort them out and get them organized in the Windows Live Photo Gallery once we get settled in Tacoma.

Today, we should finish up packing the kitchen boxes, and we’re already mostly finished with the offices. I’ve got 95% of my clothes sorted and packed, and most of the linens are in the cedar chest. The rest of them will fit in there after they get washed. Monday we get new tires on the car and get it checked for road-worthiness. We also will have to unplug and clean out the refrigerator and washing machine and dryer. We’re already eating out, except for ice chest type lunch/snack stuff. Sandwiches for 5 of us at noon today should do away with the remaining lunch meat and cheese.

I’m taking a couple of hours this morning to go to a called Presbytery meeting to decide on the disposition of one of the churches in the presbytery that is coming apart over 10-a, and all that associated fall-out. What is really sad is that the church itself is split, so the presbytery has had to go in and dissolve the session.  I weep for all of them, no matter which side, because ultimately, the whole body of Christ loses in these situations.

On that cheery note, I’ll return you to your previously scheduled Saturday activities, and I’ll get back to my rat killing.