30 Days of Thankfulness – 11/9/22

For the month of November, I’m going to continue with my habit of posting things I am thankful for. Thankfulness is different from happiness, and I don’t want to conflate the two.

Our Duplex (2)

I’m so thankful for our little house that keeps me warm and dry. I’m also thankful for the maintenance people who keep everything in working order and for the grounds keepers who maintain the lawns and plantings. I LOVE Franke Tobey Jones.

30 Days of Thankfulness – 11/8/21

Today I’m thankful that I waked up to a beautiful sunrise. I’m even (especially) thankful that the clocks are turned back to “real” time. I prefer waking up to see the sunrise, rather than having the sun going to bed the same time I do. My personal circadian rhythms are much better suited to Standard Time, than to Daylight Savings Time.