Spiritual Discipline for the Week – Prayer – Sunday

Today in church, Pastor Sarah challenged us to practice the spiritual discipline of prayer this week. If the best definition of prayer is connection with God, and if Jesus is God, why did Jesus pray? Sarah says that regular prayer will help us understand our purpose, and clarify what we are supposed to be doing. Here are the three things I hope to practice every day this week.

1.  Give up one regular activity this week and use the time for prayer. I’m going to go back to a previous practice I had of mindfulness. Recently I have become so focused on politics and the news, I haven’t been meditating every morning as I used to. Instead I have been reading The Skimm, and starting the day on a low simmer. For this week (at least), I will meditate instead of getting myself worked up about whatever political horror happened overnight.

2.  Listen to the Pray As You Go podcast. I have added the podcast to my iPhone, and have set a reminder for 5:00 pm. I already have the Ceaseless app on my phone, and it serves up three people every day for me to pray for by name. 5-10 minutes twice a day is far from the command to “pray without ceasing,” but it’s a start. Maybe with my life bracketed by prayer like this I will be able to fall into a more regular habit of prayer.

3. Experiment this week with a kind of prayer that is new for you. I’m probably least comfortable in naming my own desires in prayer. I have no problem praying for other people, but I resist asking for something for myself. I’ll try, this week, to recognize and accept what I want, and I’ll try to ask for it from God.


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