Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Goodness, where did the last three days go?

First, I guess on Friday morning we had the annual Wellness Walk, here at Tobey Jones. We probably had between 150 and 200 participants. We each got a T-Shirt (you can see what they looked like below – turquoise!).

We looked very festive and important as we walked off around the campus and some even went a little farther into the community. The aides in Our Place (the Alzheimer’s Care section) and in Health Care brought everybody from there out. If they needed wheelchairs or walkers, that was okay, the staff found someone to push them or help them. And there were probably half of the people on the walk from the community. At the end of the walk, there were tables set up with goodies and giveaways from senior service providers advertising their wares and services.

Then, after lunch at the Mexican place, we came back in time to go to the Duplex Social in Lillian Pratt (unfortunately the sun never did come out so we couldn’t have it in the Gazebo).



It’s always nice to have a little wine and cheese in the evening with congenial folks.

Yesterday, I, again, spent the day in front of the TV enjoying Oregon’s rout of Tennessee (the only thing better would have been if it had been the other orange UT, even though they also got their noses rubbed in it.) The PAC-12 did very well against the Big 10. the SEC, and the Big 12 (or Big 8 or whatever they’ve devolved into now.) Thank you very much!

This morning I scurried off to Sunday School and Church. I slipped out of church right before the final hymn so I could get Big Al and we could get to the Ram to see the last half of the Cowboys game. What a heart-breaker! (The Ram is a big burger joint/bar with a subscription to all the sports channels and about 15 or 20 TVs scattered round.)


The best part of today though has been the rain. There was actually THUNDER this morning before church!


THIS is me! If you are like me, you also might enjoy this. When we were in bone-dry Texas and I was starved for a little rain, I used to play that website every morning, hoping I could convince the atmosphere that was what it was supposed to be doing – kind of like turning on the tap to get your child to go pee in the toilet.

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