Five things that made me happy today – 6/21/21

In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.

Pico Iyer

1. Warm overnight, and much warmer today. Beautiful weather with a cloudless sky. A little warmer than is optimal (mid-80s), but they promise there’s a cool down coming overnight with the return of the on-shore flow.

2. I went down to the local Multicare clinic before 8:00 this morning for my “fasting” blood test that the doctor ordered last week. I was home before 8:30 in time to fix breakfast for myself and Big Al.

3. Tuna fish salad for lunch. Good, hot weather meal.

4. The laundry is all washed, dried, separated, folded and hung up.

5. Gazebo Group this evening. The group was originally formed when there were a couple of Duplexes that didn’t have Air Conditioning. The Gazebo was a nice place to sit in the shade and it usually catches a good breeze in the late afternoons. I think I’ll have a margarita!

How about you? What made you happy today?

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