More about The Present

Is the present better or worse than when you were younger? – This is really hard to answer. Sometimes I long for the simpler, easier life I lived as a child, but then I remember that it was only simpler and easier because I was one of the privileged class, with loving parents and grandparents.

I didn’t even know there were other kids who didn’t always have enough to eat, or decent clothes to wear. I didn’t know anyone other than people just like me. My life now is less simple and less easy, but at least it’s not because I have my head stuck in the sand. In the great scheme of things, I am so much better off than most of the people in the world. I still have a loving family and I still have plenty (too much) to eat, and decent clothes to wear. Is the world a better place now than then – probably not, but by the same token, it’s not much worse either.

What do you do for fun? – I read, I play bridge, I play games on the computer, I knit. We take a trip to the commissary in Bossier City about once every six weeks or so,

and I get to go to the casino and feed the one-armed bandits for an evening. I am easily amused!

Who do you trust and depend on? – I trust and depend on Al. I also trust Bill and Ray. I trust God will see to the best possible outcome for me, if not in this life, at least in the next.

But after saying that, I realize I don’t trust many other people. Call me a cynic, but I have been disappointed in too many ministers, and politicians to ever trust them completely.

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